{good eats: nutty pizza}

I love food & cooking. I’ve even taken a few semi-pro cooking classes but the truth is I don’t apply too much of it living solo. It’s so much more fun to cook with/for people. There’s nothing like walking into a kitchen that smells amazing. But every once and awhile I get in the mood to try something new. I was really inspired by a recipe for Roasted Chestnut Honey & Cheese pizza I saw on Design Sponge quite some time ago and finally got around to trying it.  It sounded and looked delicious and I just so happened to have a few chestnuts (I know, weird) so I decided to give it a shot. 

Who can resist ingredients like this?

(photo credit: Design Sponge)

…and the delicious results. Not too bad! The honey just made everything look golden and delicious. The chestnuts were a bit fussy to me – I think in the future I will replace with pine nuts. But overall a delicious success. 

Click here to visit the original post for the recipe & preparation instructions.