{thrifting 101: planter with a twist}

This is a double duty project – DIY and thrifting. I came across this huge glass jar. I didn’t know what I was going to do with it but I knew it was great so I scooped it up. 

It would make a great home for the start of a new or current collection (wine corks?) and it would make a fabulous terrarium but I’ve really been into leafy plants lately so I decided to make it a planter. The twist is that I decided to make it more interesting by adding some layers that you could see through the glass. 

I found these great stones & coloured sand at Ikea for a few dollars each as well as the plant. I had a bunch of soil left over from my patio planting last summer. 

So here’s an example where not everything always goes to plan. This was a bit of an experiment and overall it turned out well but there’s a few things I would’ve done differently. 

First I started off with stones on the bottom. I would actually put a small layer (3″) of soil down first if I did it again. Use both packs of stones for a layer above that. 

Next step: put some more soil and on top of that your coloured sand. Make sure you spread it nicely and pack it down a bit.  Lastly put some more soil and your plant. Super easy!

I got a little carried away with the soil but you may want to make the coloured sand layer lower so that there’s more empty space left at the top. In my case I needed to add a bunch of soil to cover the plant and it went right to the top. 

Overall I’m happy with the result and it fits in nicely in my new favourite green corner. 

Oh and look, there’s another great thrifting tip – you can use an old suitcase as a much more interesting and decorative way to store your vinyl collection. It invites people to take a peak instead of having them hidden in a cupboard.  


{thrifting 101: milk glass treasures}

I love hunting for vintage. It’s pretty much a past time. There’s nothing better than finding a great find for pennies at a thrift shop or garage sale. My place is full of it. That’s kinda the problem, I’m running out of space! But that’s a problem for another day (etsy vintage store in the near future?).  

Friends often make comments about when they go to a thrift shop all they see is junk. They ask me ‘how did you think of that?’ or ‘what will you do with that?’ or when it comes to fashion finds ‘how did do you make it look modern?’. So I’m starting this series called Thrifting 101 with lots of thrifting before & afters and tips to inspire you next time you’re in a thrift shop. You’ll never look at junk the same again. Promise. 

First up are these cute milk glass dessert cups that I found for $2 each. 

And voila! now it’s a super cute mini planter. I chose a succulent because they are nice & small and don’t need a ton of soil or watering. How great would this be as a hostess gift? 

Add it to a few other treasures for a collection (try to stick to odd numbers in groupings…it just looks better) Here I have another milk glass favourite find and a candle made from an old mason jar. The candle was a gift from the fabulous vintage find & inspired store in Almonte, Ontario called Tin Barn Market. Definitely worth the visit if you’re anywhere in the Ottawa area.