{GOOD EATS: illustrated recipes}

They say don’t play with your food, but what about turning it into art? How fun are these illustrated recipes from Claudia Pearson Illustration?!? I think having just one would add a great punch of colour to your kitchen but imagine having a bunch of them (9″x12″) on a wall……super fun! They would work in a clean & simple kitchen or fit right into a colourful & eclectic space. It’s all about the frame – this collection would look totally different in a white frame with white matting compared to a simple black frame without a matte. 

I’m not so sure there’s enough detail to actually use the recipe (is that 1/2 tsp. of salt or sugar?)  unless you’re a true freestyle chef but they sure do look nice. 


Go on and pick one up from her Etsy shop.  


{posters & spaces}

A few days behind here but I’m madly in love with these Mad Men posters that I just came across. Designed by South African studio Radio. I love the monochromatic colour schemes. They would look great as a collection but also each on it’s own. 

Pair it up with something similar in your space. I think I just created something I’m going to call: