{trend alert: pineapples}

Have you guys noticed there’s a little more pineapple going around these days? I sure did on my last window shopping trip at the mall. It makes for such fun imagery and great patterns and mostly it reminds us of warm weather and summer. Everyone needs a little pineapple in their life. 

MIDDLE: t-shirt, tank
BOTTOM: purse, dress


{GOOD EATS: illustrated recipes}

They say don’t play with your food, but what about turning it into art? How fun are these illustrated recipes from Claudia Pearson Illustration?!? I think having just one would add a great punch of colour to your kitchen but imagine having a bunch of them (9″x12″) on a wall……super fun! They would work in a clean & simple kitchen or fit right into a colourful & eclectic space. It’s all about the frame – this collection would look totally different in a white frame with white matting compared to a simple black frame without a matte. 

I’m not so sure there’s enough detail to actually use the recipe (is that 1/2 tsp. of salt or sugar?)  unless you’re a true freestyle chef but they sure do look nice. 


Go on and pick one up from her Etsy shop.  

{a collection of collections}

I’m a collector, no question about it. I think that’s why I love these illustrated collections so much. There’s something about the power of numbers or showing a group of items that I just gravitate towards. Many of these illustrations also make me feel like summer for some reason. Here’s a collection of collections. Enjoy the inspiration. 

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