{DIY: one of a kind sweet table}

So this is actually both a Thrifting 101 and DIY post all rolled into one. It’s a fabulous (and sweet) DIY that uses items you can find at a thrift shop. See how it easy it is to make beautiful serving stands and put together a unique & impressive looking sweet table for your next event.

It’s pretty simple (read: craft prone proof) and the end result is beautiful & impressive. There is only 3 things you need to make these beauties – some glass candle stick holders, old plates and ceramic glue or epoxy. 
To get the best result, choose various heights of candle stick holders and I like them to all be a bit different in shape as well. 

As for the plates – choose a variety of colour/pattern/size. Try choosing ones that have details or colour on the border so the pretty part isn’t covered by the sweets on top. I particularly love the ones with gold detail, they look all fancy.

Next is the hard part, which isn’t very hard at all. Make sure the dishes and candle stick holders have been washed well & dry then put a generous amount of glue on the top of the candle holder and place (with the plate facing down) in the middle of the plate. Most plates have little brand marks in the centre to help you out or if you want you can figure it ahead of time and make a small mark. I just eye-balled it because I like to be crazy like that. 

Let them dry for a full day or follow instructions on the glue package and then voila! You have some beautiful looking sweet stands for your table. 

I cheated and picked up some of the sweets at My Market Bakery in Kensington Market but I did make the mini-cupcakes myself, thank you very much. Including the super cute toppers (bonus DIY!) They are also super easy to make and a great use for your washi tape. You just fold over the tape around a toothpick then cut out a little triangle to make the flag. Super. Easy. 

So there you have your 2 for the price of 1 with a bonus DIY post. I apologize if this would’ve been more helpful before the 3 bridal or baby showers you’ve already hosted this summer but hey, you can always find a reason to set up a sweet table. This would also be great for a wedding if you’re looking to add some uniqueness to your reception. Or just pull them out for a girly tea afternoon with friends. 

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{thrifting 101: granny’s linen closet}

Photography is fun (obviously) but there’s lots of ways to make it a little more creative. On my thrifting trips I’m always on the look out for great patterns that will make fun backdrops for photos – either for product or people. I always take a peak at the linens and curtains and many thrift stores even have a section of unused material. I hit a mini jackpot on my last visit. Check out what I found:

I like to pull these out at parties or BBQ’s and set up a little photobooth area. It’s a great way to add some extra fun to your photos & your party. Sometimes I stick one in my bag when I go away for a cottage weekend, especially when I know there will be a bunch of kids there, like this shot from last summer with my lovely subject, Clementine. How cute is that?

I bet you won’t look at your granny’s old linens the same anymore.