{STYLE: vintage wedding dresses from etsy}

I swear I wasn’t sitting around dreaming about a wedding but something made me search vintage wedding dresses on etsy. I totally underestimated what I found. So many beautiful and timeless pieces and all under $600! Of course if the stars align and you fall in love, it has be your size (the dress, not the man). The truth is that I was never a wedding day dreamer until the invention of Pinterest and I’m single so it hasn’t taken over my brain just yet but that being said…..I do envision a very vintage inspired dress. I’m gravitating towards the style of the 1950’s but I think these would all make a bride stunning. The key to wearing vintage – formal or casual, is to mix it up with some modern styling. Here’s my picks for what you may pair up your beautiful vintage dress to complete the look. 

I bet you don’t remember anything that beautiful coming out of the 1980’s!? And you can be a blushing bride, literally, with that sweet dress from the 50’s. It was fun being wedding stylist for an afternoon! 

{SPACES: furniture lust}

I’ve taken a break from thinking about travel, because frankly the planning is getting to me. If you know me, I’m not very good with planning in advance. I like to just make a decision & do it. This whole coordinating schedules with people rains on my parade.

But I have come across some amazing furniture that I would love to share. I don’t really need anything for myself so I can’t justify any purchases but I can still drool over these great finds.

I actually gave a little squeal when I saw this piece. I L-O-V-E it! This furniture maker is great. It’s like the rebirth of the drawer. Ever wonder what happens to the drawers of those old dressers you see out in the trash or at garage sales? Yeah, neither do I, but it’s nice to see that some of them get a second (very stylish) life. They’re kinda like Frankenstein pieces. Little bit of this, little bit of that…little old, little new. Love it!

This one is my ultimate favourite. I feel like this could possibly even be a (very ambitious) project one day in the future. You know, when I have that basement studio/workshop I’ve always dreamed about. One day.

…and more.

All can be found here.

I just love mixing old with new or giving new life to old things. I realized that it’s a huge thread that runs through pretty much everything I really love……fashion, art, decor, design…etc. Something about things having a history, even if I don’t know it. It just has so much more character and personality than some ‘new’ thing that just came off the factory line.

Here’s some pieces made from reclaimed wood & metal – another great duo! These are all from the site koff.carbonmade.com. I love the random little gems, drawers and secret compartments. They make each piece so unique.

This one with the little drawer is my favourite.