{style: DIY scarf shirt for summer}

When I saw Nina Ricci’s new 2014 resort collection I fell in love with the mix’n match silk scarf patterns and fabrics. It’s a little like runway DIY. 

 It reminded me of these great shirts I used to make from scarves years ago. I was inspired to go back to that amazing DIY sewing project and make some new shirts for the summer. Scroll down to see the crazy easy (minimal) sewing instructions.
STEP 1: pick up a colourful scarf at your local thrift shop. Keep to a larger size and silk or synthetic material because it will drape nicer than a cotton. If the scarf is really transparent but you love the pattern, you can double it up with a complementary solid colour underneath for a pretty layered look. 
STEP 2: choose what you want as the top and pin that corner as well as where you want the ribbon tie to be. It may be helpful to try it on around your neck with the pin to determine where you want the tie as scarf size and waist height can differ. 

STEP 3: sew the corner and the ribbon. It’s smart to go over it twice. 
Done and done! You will look super hip, stylish, and sexy all while staying nice and cool this summer. And believe it or not this style is super comfortable and flattering on almost everyone. If you’re not totally comfortable with the backless style, add a colourful tube top or bando. 

Thanks to my wonderful model Kristyn who looked amazing and was a natural in front of the camera.Doesn’t it just make you want to dig through your closet for those scarves you bought but never wear?! Umm, yes!