{spaces: inspiration}

With all the decor projects going on in my own loft these days I thought it was a good time to share some of my favourite places to go for online home decor inspiration. The list of resources really is endless but here’s just a handful that I go to on a regular basis. Warning – make sure you have some time to spare before diving into these because you will get sucked in! 

APARTMENT THERAPY is a giant well curated resource. It’s broken down into many different categories – my favourite being the small spaces category. They have their 9th annual Smallest Cool Home contest running now with tons of inspiration for your little piece of the world. 
DESIGN SPONGE was one of the first blogs I started following and I still love it. It’s a lifestyle blog with many different categories but I look to their Sneak Peak category for home decor inspiration. I really do feel like I’m getting a sneak peak into the owners life by seeing how they live. And if you want more inspiration at your finger tips you can get the Design Sponge at Home book.
BLOESEM BLOG is my little taste of another, simpler life. A Dutch life. I’ve always loved Scandinavian inspired design and lifestyle. I love the simple beauty in the home decor that inspires me from this area of the world. Those Dutch sure know how to stick to the less is more rule of design. 

COVET GARDEN is close to my heart because it’s based out of Toronto (where I live) and each issue showcases the a special space from the city as well as their unique owners. It’s nice to know that what you’re looking at could literally be down the street. Also I love the personal touch of the owners story and taking their taste and translating it to other forms of style for people to be inspired by – like what you may find in their closet or on their iTunes playlist. 

Rue is an online magazine that’s been steadily growing. It’s great for style inspiration of any kind but I love their home decor stories. They are usually a little more glam than my typical style but who couldn’t use a little more glam in their life? They just released a brand new issue dedicated to the unique & well known style of the Pacific Northwest.

SFGIRLBYBAY.COM is a beautifully curated blog by local San Francisco native Victoria Smith. She’s a self proclaimed “photographer, photo stylist, design junkie, and bonafide flea market queen”. Needless to say she has great taste.  
URBAN OUTFITTERS is a well known brand and retailer who’s website I’m constantly perusing. I’m a big fan of the mid-century modern look and find that Urban Outfitters home decor has tons of really affordable options to get that look. In 2012 they came out with their first Home Catalog which is full of great decor inspiration.

Well there you go! That should keep you busy for awhile. You’ll want to redecorate your whole place by the time you’re done. Hope you find a ton of inspiration to make your living space your own special retreat.