So as usual, everything takes wayyyyyyy more time than you anticipate or plan for. Here I was thinking I was so organized for this weekend’s upcoming Handmade Harvest and here I am working day & night this past weekend to get stuff done! It’s mostly the silk-screening that I left to the end because it’s the biggest job. Probably not the BEST idea. I did a bunch of silk-screening years ago and had little to no issues. This time around however, it hasn’t been so smooth. I think it’s a combination of the design I chose and maybe my make-shift studio area (read: my dining table) that’s giving me the problem. Either way – there has been a share of wasted supplies and time. I haven’t actually decided if those pieces are going to make it to the show or not and I haven’t had a chance to take pictures yet.

BUT on a more positive note there is a bunch of stuff that I have made, on top of the buttons & tags that I showed a few weeks ago. Here are some pictures of some other items I’ve been crafting up:

I pulled out my old silk-screen and used this great vintage clipart-esque image on some kitchen towels:

Then I made some of these cute matchbook notepads with various messages stamped on them:

And I was so in love with that cute felt garland that I blogged about a few weeks ago that I decided to make a few of those too. They look a little arts & craft in person but when you put them up, they just look so great!

Needless to say I was thankful that I decided to finally get cable (and PVR) just two weeks ago because I have been watching ALOT of TV & movies while making all of these goodies. My favourite so far has been re-discovering Will&Grace…I watched 5 episodes in one sitting. I also watched many episodes of Hoarders which is hard to watch while having random piles of finished and half-finished projects laying around all around you.

There will also be some 2011 wall calendars, photography and some printed shoe bags for those winter evenings out but I don’t have pictures. You’ll just have to come to Handmade Harvest to see them!