{thrifting 101: flower power}

There seemed to be a theme to my finds on my last visit to the thrift store – flowers! I swear I found all three of these items during one visit to one store, sometimes things just work like that. 

This super retro looking ashtray was just too pretty not to scoop up. In fact the word ‘ashtray’ to me seems too dirty for something this cute. This would be a great dish in your bathroom or bedroom for hairpins or rings. Or I guess it could be used as an ashtray, if you must. 

I’m a sucker for tins….like it’s probably gotten a little out of control. I usually don’t find true vintage tins in thrift stores, they’re more of a flea market find but my eyes lit up when I saw this colourful tin. I haven’t decided where it will live yet but everyone has something that needs a good storage space. Or you could take the lid off and use it as a vase with some really basic wild flowers or grasses.

Lastly is this huge vintage bedspread that I found. It’s so big that I can’t really show it all in a photograph. I was so drawn to the colours and velvet-like texture but I had walked away from it because I just didn’t know what I would do with it. But before I cashed out I had to go back and grab it because it was just too nice to look at. I love the vibrant colours and contrast between the random flowers and the orderly pattern. 

When I brought it home I took it out on the deck to take pictures and realized that it looks amazing on the ground and would make a super cozy rug (shoes off please) with a bunch of big pillows tossed on top for extra seating. 


{thrifting 101: don’t pass the chachka’s}

dust collectors, trinkets, useless crap. Whatever you want to call them we all know about chachkas and probably know someone with a dusty collection sitting in a glass cabinet in a dining room that never gets used. Many of those lonely chachka’s eventually end up on a shelf in a thrift store. That’s where we meet. I never pass up the random trinket isle at the thrift shop. You really just never know what you’ll find.

This past weekend I found a new home for one little lonely guy. His new home is this fabulous glass ‘bird feeder’ (said the label) that I found at a flea market off the highway on my way up north.

And here is Mr.Deer’s new home on my patio….fresh after a rainfall. It’s little things like this guy that add interest to the ordinary. It’s one of those little details that people may not notice right away but when they do it’s an element of surprise and delight. 

And here he is as part of my hippie garden corner on my patio. Now that’s an upgrade from a dusty shelf

{thrifting 101: this week’s finds}

As most people know, I love to shop for vintage. For me it’s all about the hunt. Vintage stores are amazing but there’s nothing more satisfying that finding a gem for pennies in a sea of thrift store junk. I keep playing with the idea of having an etsy or online vintage store so I can justify my addiction, because I do have an addiction and god knows I don’t need any more stuff. I just can’t resist when I see something good, even if I don’t need it/fit it/match it I want someone else to. 

Here are some of finds from my recent Value Village trip: