{SPACES: camping on wheels}

Happy Victoria Day everyone! I’m spending the day at home catching up on projects on my patio. Hopefully I get done early and have a little time to kick back and enjoy the patio. But for the past two days I was out enjoying mother nature in the heart of it with a few girlfriends. We rented a yurt in at Charleston Lake Provincial Park. It was beautiful! I hadn’t been to a provincial park in ages and forgot how nice and well kept they are. 

It was also my first time staying in yurt. And don’t get me wrong, I loved the yurt! It was super spacious, clean and I can’t complain about having a real bed, a deck & a BBQ. But I became quite enamoured by our neighbours across the street and their caravan. I think it was a little nostalgic because I have memories of camping with our small expandable trailer as a child. 

It made me fascinated with the idea of owning a vintage style (of course) caravan and all the interesting places you could take it for different adventures or peaceful getaways. 

Talk about the ultimate DIY renovation project. The only thing stopping me from hunting down one of these charming sleeping nooks and giving it a makeover is the fact that I live in a condo an don’t have anywhere to park it. 

Maybe it will be a future project. In my research I came across a site called Sisters on the Fly. Their tagline is “we have more fun than anyone”. The website could use a little makeover but I couldn’t love the concept more. It’s a community of women who love adventure, traveling by caravan and enjoy the outdoors. Their mission statement is “Offering empowerment and sisterhood through exceptional outdoor adventures.” They also have something called Cowgirl Bootcamp. Hello! Retirement planning done.  


{style: vintage trailer dream job}

You know the old question, what would you do for a living if making decent money wasn’t an issue? As in, what do you REALLY want to do for a living? Well I’ve thought about this many times and the answer changes, depending. I like change and I can’t see myself doing any one thing forever. But I do know that it has to be creative in some way…but that’s casting a pretty wide net. Which I think is good. 

One of my dream options is to be a vintage picker. You know, one of those uber cool people who goes hunting for vintage treasure amongst piles of junk. I seem to have an eye for it…or so people say. I also love to travel. Well put those two things together and what do you get? A traveling vintage shop!! Hello!!

This isn’t just a pipe dream for a some folks. Check out these people who are living the dream. They’ve built their vintage shops on four wheels and taken it on the road. What a great way to fund a travel adventure! Major envy going on over here…

The Lodekka double decker dress shop, based in Portland

The Wanderlust Mobile Shop, also based in Portland, dream child of Vanessa and Dan Lurie. 

And if vintage isn’t part of your dream but you go ga ga for cupcakes then maybe this vintage cupcake trailer will get you all excited. Available for your wedding, shower or any event that needs some cupcakes to get the party started.