For all the type-lovers out there, eat your heart out. My new piece arrived in the mail today. I still have to put the lights in but I love!


{do judge a book by it’s cover}

Does the same rule apply for food packaging as books? I say yes. And I say when it comes to Jamie Oliver’s packaging you ignore it and totally judge it by how damn pretty it is. I haven’t actually used any of the product but I’m willing to bet that what’s on the inside lives up to what’s on the outside.

You’ve probably already seen some of it, it’s been around for a little while. But let’s take a look. Honestly I love it all so it was hard to narrow down:

(image source)

Beautiful huh? The last one, the Panettone is my favourite…and not just because I’m an Italian Pannettone lover.

This collection is so great for many reasons.

First it’s broken the design rule of cohesiveness. There’s different styles, colours, fonts, design elements etc. and yet it all seems like it belongs together. There really isn’t a brand standard but it all says Jamie Oliver loud and clear. I think this keeps the brand fresh and interesting.

Jamie Oliver’s product have succeeded where many wish they could. They’ve managed to make their mass produced items look like they’re homemade, artisan, or at very least more one-of-kind local type of fare.

Lastly they’ve made something where the packaging is just as desired as what it holds. I don’t think I’m alone in admitting that not only would I love to show off this packaging in my kitchen but in some cases I may actually pick something because of the packaging.

Overall another big success for Mr. Oliver. But are we really surprised?