{SAY I DO: Alex & Keith do it in an airplane hanger}

I just had to share this unique wedding I came across on Love is a Big Deal. I love that the bar for weddings keeps getting higher and higher and I don’t mean the cost (although I’m sure it’s gone up too). Thanks to all the endless online resources, people are really making weddings more unique and personalized. 

I particularly love this one because it really is quite non-traditional (although that term gets thrown around a lot). Alex & Keith’s wedding took place in an airplane hanger in Kentucky and just oozed colour and personality from both the decor and their wedding party. 

I think it was the bridesmaids that won me over. I just love how they each had totally individual vintage-inspired style yet all the bold colours looked amazing together.
How great is this shot? See what I’m saying? 

There’s so much great handmade and vintage details that really make it a one-of-a-kind event.

And how much fun does it look like this crew is having?