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{DIY: video}

The creative juices have been a flowin’ this week. Actually this is some creative overspill from yesterday’s photo-a-rama post. I’m not exactly sure what possessed me but I decided to play around with iMovie yesterday. As if design & photography wasn’t enough to tame my curiosity (read: boredom) now I need to explore moving pictures! Call me a Triple Threat…..or a Jack (Jill?) of all Trades, master of none. Whatever…this is me playing. I was fooling around with adjusting colour with a tool in PS and saw the colours changing right before my eyes as I slide the ruler back and forth. I thought it was pretty cool and decided to try and make a little video with the same effect.

Here is the result:

That’s all for me geeking out today.

{i will never love you more}

I don’t think it’s possible to love Kate Spade anymore. My total adoration continues with this beautiful film they just put out, right in time for Valentine’s Day. Now that’s the prettiest “commercial” I’ve ever seen. Retailers take notice.
PS: I’ve had my eye on that peacock brooch for months.

{say I do: less is more….romantic}

I came across this video today on my all-time fav blog, Design Sponge and of course had to share. Awhile back I shared a wedding video that I absolutely was in love with. Well I came across another one and it’s completely different but just as lovely. I figure why stop with all the wedding themed posts now? I’m on a roll!

You really have to read the original post on Design Sponge to get the full story of the couple and how the day came about. The main thing that I took from it and what’s so great about this event is how simple and private it is. There are BIG weddings and smaller weddings but in either case, many times the reason for the gathering can get lost in all the planning and partying.

This couple started planning a small intimate wedding and it quickly snowballed to a huge event and headache. They decided what they really wanted more than anything was for it to be just them.

1 + 1 = Love

So they sent a notice to all their guests ‘reclaiming their wedding’ and took off to San Fransisco to elope. They hired someone to take a video of the day & event which was sent to their friends and family after.

Check it out. This is sooooo different from the first video I posted but I love it equally. The music again is such a huge part of bringing the event to life. You really can feel the intimacy between the couple without it being sappy or cheesy in any way. As much as I love all the pretty details of a small wedding, there are no distractions here. It’s simply about the bride & groom.

Just a head’s up if you cry easily, grab some tissue.

we said vows. from Jeremy on Vimeo.

{say i do: prettiest wedding ever}

I do go a little gaga over weddings sometimes but not in the way that I’ve been dreaming about having one since I was young and have all these images of what it will be like. It’s more the decor & styling I’m in love with. And really, it’s not limited to weddings…any kind of party or event really. I always said in another life or if I won the lottery or maybe in this life (who knows?!) that I would love to plan events. But I would need a partner because I’m more interested in styling and creative directing…not the actual tedious following-through with phone calls, planning, dealing with actual people….especially the dealing with annoying people part.

I love smaller events because you can put more care & attention to the little details.

I’ve come across many beautiful weddings on my blogging expeditions but this one I came across today on Cup of Jo takes the (wedding) cake! It was so inspiring that it made me write this…that’s some serious creative power.

You know what the best part of this wedding is? The video!!! Cheesy wedding videographers take note. This is got to be the BEST wedding video I’ve ever seen. If only we all had the time & resources to put videos like this together for any kind of special life event. What amazing memories! This video just captures the mood of this couple & their special day so perfectly with the editing, the filming style and of course the music.

Tell me this doesn’t make you want to fall in love:

Max, Margaux, & The Marvelows from Shark Pig on Vimeo.

Are you hooked? Want to see more of this precious day? Here are a bunch of photos from the wedding.

There’s even MORE in the full story posted on Once Wed if you want more cuteness.