{spaces: covet garden}

A great way to start the day is finding an email in your inbox with a link to the brand new online issue of Covet Garden.  What I love most about Covet Garden is that it’s Canadian content. It’s so great to know that the beautiful spaces they’re showcasing may be around the corner.  Whatever Covet Garden ritual you may have; coffee sipping-pajama-wearing-Saturday-morning-slow-browse or quickly-scrolling-each-page-while-wiping-the-drool-before-I-go-back-and-Pin-everything method you will not be disappointed by this issue. 

Here’s a peak into the lovely and eclectic home of Glen & Michelle, self-proclaimed tea loving homebodies, located in the vibrant neighbourhood of Leslieville, Toronto. The house is filled with tons of art, quirky collections, vintage finds, childhood memories and happy-to-have hand me downs. It sounds a little random but they’ve done an excellent job of putting everything together and used a clean, white backdrop to keep it simple. 

My favourite thing in the house is the vintage fan collection. I’m pretty sure I also have the one on the bottom shelf with the white fans.

This style can intimidate some people because there really isn’t a set of rules on how to mix and match things you wouldn’t think to put together. It can be tricky but you can still try and achieve something similar in your home, or at least try one room. Etsy, Kijiji & Craigslist will be your best friends and resources for this type of look. But it’s really fun to go hunting and slowly collect great pieces. 

Here’s a guide to help you get the look:

1 vintage posters and art 1 2 3 
7 handmade creatures 1 2