{STYLE: vintage wedding dresses from etsy}

I swear I wasn’t sitting around dreaming about a wedding but something made me search vintage wedding dresses on etsy. I totally underestimated what I found. So many beautiful and timeless pieces and all under $600! Of course if the stars align and you fall in love, it has be your size (the dress, not the man). The truth is that I was never a wedding day dreamer until the invention of Pinterest and I’m single so it hasn’t taken over my brain just yet but that being said…..I do envision a very vintage inspired dress. I’m gravitating towards the style of the 1950’s but I think these would all make a bride stunning. The key to wearing vintage – formal or casual, is to mix it up with some modern styling. Here’s my picks for what you may pair up your beautiful vintage dress to complete the look. 

I bet you don’t remember anything that beautiful coming out of the 1980’s!? And you can be a blushing bride, literally, with that sweet dress from the 50’s. It was fun being wedding stylist for an afternoon! 

{SAY I DO: Alex & Keith do it in an airplane hanger}

I just had to share this unique wedding I came across on Love is a Big Deal. I love that the bar for weddings keeps getting higher and higher and I don’t mean the cost (although I’m sure it’s gone up too). Thanks to all the endless online resources, people are really making weddings more unique and personalized. 

I particularly love this one because it really is quite non-traditional (although that term gets thrown around a lot). Alex & Keith’s wedding took place in an airplane hanger in Kentucky and just oozed colour and personality from both the decor and their wedding party. 

I think it was the bridesmaids that won me over. I just love how they each had totally individual vintage-inspired style yet all the bold colours looked amazing together.
How great is this shot? See what I’m saying? 

There’s so much great handmade and vintage details that really make it a one-of-a-kind event.

And how much fun does it look like this crew is having?

{say I do: bold love}

Oh wow, oh wow do I ever love everything about this beautiful wedding that was featured on 100 Layer Cake yesterday. Where do I start? I think it’s the bold colours of the flowers that really drew me in then all the other details just got me drooling. Love the mix n’ match chairs and all the vintage furniture. I think my favourite is the seating area with the couches. I see many good laughs over cocktails happening over there.  It all fits perfectly with the beautiful loft space at the Wythe Hotel in NYC as the backdrop. 

Oh and how great is the bride’s flower belt for the reception?!


Man, I bet that was one good party. See all the drool-worthy details here

{say i do: perfection}

wow. This is the closest thing to wedding planning perfection that I’ve seen. I can’t even imagine what it would’ve been like to be a guest. My expectation would be that a wedding put on by someone who runs an amazing wedding website & blog (100 Layer Cake) would be pretty darn good. But this is just amazing. The attention to detail is beyond incredible. 

What got my attention first was the invitation. Amanda, a talented graphic designer, designed it all herself. I fell in love with the stripes & bold colour scheme with the hand script font and gold accents. The whole package is elegant but playful at the same time. Not easy. It’s also not easy to get everything to look so cohesive without it all being so matchy matchy, common in wedding invites. How great are the stamps? Makes every invite feel like it’s one-of-a-kind and meant especially for you. 

Another benefit of not having everything look exactly the same is that you have so much more flexibility and variety to place with when it comes to other wedding elements. The same colour and pattern palette is seen throughout the wedding. Details, details, details. 

Check out the amazing totes filled with California goodies for everyone to take home. Now that’s the best wedding favour I’ve seen.

The gold and black appeared in the table top, garnish and food details. The drinks and food are almost too pretty to eat and drink. Almost. 

I found the table settings to be just lovely.  A perfect balance of modern, cool & pretty. 

And last but definitely not least a shot of the good lookin’ bride and groom, Amanda & Tim, and their black and white decked out crew. 

Believe it or not, this is just a small taste of the eye candy. Find all the details including reception dance floor and photo booth fun and their lovely wedding video on the 100 Layer Cake blog, Part 1 and Part 2.

{design: true type love by Jessica Hische}

Yup, more wedding inspiration. But I guarantee you 10000% that you’ve never seen anything like this. This is the most unique and beautiful wedding invitation for the uber talented type illustrator and designer Jessica Hische & her designer beau Russ. If you’re familiar with Jessica’s work, you can see that this is cut from the same cloth of all her incredible type work & illustration. 

These are just a few stills from the invite. You have to actually click on the link to see and have the full experience. That’s right, it’s an experience. It’s a stunning, animated linear timeline of their relationship right from the beginning with beautifully crafted visuals helping the story along.

I can’t believe this is coming from a print designer but maybe this is the future of the wedding invite?  

Please, please go and check out the whole thing here

{weddings: love brings you back}

My two month adventure has come…and gone. Sigh. But it was amazing! And it helps when I come back to such beautiful summer-like weather at home. Summer also means wedding time. This year is a repeat of last summer where I have no less than 5 (!) weddings between May & August. But I do, for the most part, love weddings. It’s all the 1001 events that go with the big day that are not always my very favourite. 

I wanted to share this beautiful wedding I saw on 100 Layer Cake as my first post back & first dive into summer wedding season. So there’s a few tiny things I may change (like the sky full of feathers) and a few of my own touches that I would add but this wedding pretty much is what I envision for myself, if I’m lucky enough for that day to come. 

I just LOVE LOVE all the vintage touches, the colour everywhere, the cozy location and the fact that nothing matches but matches perfectly at the same time. I even have that teal & blue Bulger tin! 

This fire pit & blankets is my favourite. How great would it be to keep the festivities going late into the night around the fire? 

This is my type of party! Live music, sing-a-longs and some sweaty dancing. 
 Just seeing this puts me in a good mood. There’s no one escaping this wedding at 11pm.