{spring harvest}

This post is a little late…that’s mostly because I was working on many of these items right up until the last minute.

If you remember I participated in the amazing Handmade Harvest show last Fall..and well folks, winter has come and gone and it’s time for the Spring Harvest, this Saturday, May 7th. Just in time for some last minute Mother’s Day shopping! The last show was such a success that the ladies decided to go big or go home for Spring with more vendors and a bigger venue.

I decided to once again have a table, not only because it was such a success last time but because I thought it would be a great way to raise some money for the Weekend to End Women’s Cancer walk that I’m doing this coming September.

Soooooooooo……even though all my intentions were good I didn’t anticipate the bad timing and hiccups along the way that slowed me down a little. If you’ve ever been a crafter you know how time consuming it is. Well my calendar kept filling up and it was tight to fit in the crafting time. Also crafting can be a little bit of an experiment sometimes…and well many of my experiments didn’t really go as planned.

BUT – with all that said despite some frustrations I’ve managed to pull together a table full of goodies 🙂 I didn’t take as many pictures of my progress this time (let’s just say I wasn’t always in the mood) but I did manage to capture a taste of what I’ll be offering.

Some retro-inspired silk-screen prints on old book pages. Little bonus – I love how the name of the book, printed on the top of the pages is Rebecca. It can be the name of the pinup, the bike or the robot.Cute!

A bunch of hand-crafted paper goodies:

And some mixed paper & fabric pieces. Nothing like sewing paper! This was shot before the sewing machine..but I’m thankful to report, all went well.

And then even though my vintage napkin ideas didn’t really work I thought it would still be nice to sell them as great little sets as is. A nice little vintage flare for the table. This is the before shot. I prettied these babies up with some cute ribbon and gift tags.

What’s not shown is some cute fabric gift tags and the same cute buttons and fun polka-dot felt garland I did last time, as well as some photography. I know…a full booth! I like to think of it more as a little store. My craft A.D.D doesn’t work well with the idea of doing a full table of only one thing. Gotta mix it up!

So if you’re in the Ottawa area this weekend, Almonte to be exact, come by with your mom or pick her up something nice. And maybe a few things for yourself too 🙂

See you there!