{graphic design: wine art}

Maybe you’re not suppose to judge a book (or a possible online date prospect) by their cover but I’ll admit, I judge wine by it’s label. I’ve been on a bunch of wine tours and although they’re very interesting at the time, I forget everything when I’m walking down the wine aisle. What I look for is simple, an attractive and well-designed label. I figure the the wine has be pretty decent if that much thought was put into a label. And also I’m not a super picky wine drinker. 

Anway – the point of this post is I just came across these wine labels that I adore on the dieline. They are so odd but creative, cheeky & unique. Who thought to put together pin-up girls with fish?! Love it! I love these so much I would want to collect all of them and put them on a shelf. Good packaging = art.